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BANE is an emerging tech company specializing in IT solutions with a strong focus in the aviation industry.

About BANE

BANE is a company with experience in providing a comprehensive range of reliable and innovative solutions for the Aviation Industry.

Working with Air Navigations Service Providers (ANSPs) and Airports we have developed Operational and Aeronautical Finance Systems that are unique across the industry. Our understanding of aviation business helped us to develop operational and financial data into real-world context, delivering meaningful information to support aviation business operations. BANE provides advanced analytics tools addressing the most pressing industry issues.

With a personal based approach, BANE delivers the highest standards of service and technical competence to reflect both industry and individual requirements. We are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of aviation operations through innovative technology.


At BANE, our mission is to transform the industry and aviation sector by offering innovative IT solutions that elevate operational efficiency. We strive to empower regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders with advanced technologies that streamline processes, improve safety, and drive growth.


Our vision at BANE is to be renowned for our innovation, expertise, and commitment to reshaping industries, particularly in the aviation sector. We aim to set new standards in airspace management and operational efficiency by leveraging advanced technology and fostering strong partnerships with our clients.

Aeronautical Revenue Management System (ARMS)

Aeronautical Revenue Management System provides the only proven fully integrated solution for Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Airlines delivering a cost effective and powerful billing solution.

Aeronautical Revenue Management System is a fully automated billing system for ANSPs, Airports and Airlines, that collects and processes data from surveillance, airports, and flight data processing systems. The calculation of the amounts to be actually invoiced is performed by a flexible rule engine. The engine enables the handling of customer specific conditions such as rebates or surcharges as well.

Creative Solutions

Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking Service is an advanced solution designed to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of aircraft movements through ADS-B.

Cloud Service

we provide comprehensive cloud services designed to transform your business operations.

IT Support

In today’s digital world, having reliable IT support is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. IT support services provide technical assistance and solutions to ensure that your systems, networks, and devices run smoothly.

Aviation Consultancy

BANE is your trusted aviation consultancy partner with expertise in air traffic management, technical services, and financial oversight. We offer customized solutions for compliance and profitability.

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